Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 - ONE WEEK TOGETHER!

Market at bottom of Entoto
Post office market
Dinner in the room
“Performance” for us and the V. family

This was the first day TJ didn’t get up and put his shoes on right away with his pajamas.

While I was putting on make-up, TJ came to me bleeding.  The little "bump" over his lip had been bumped or rubbed off and was bleeding like crazy.  We tried and tried to get it to stop bleeding, but it just wouldn't quit so we put a band-aid over it so we could go down to breakfast.

band-aid mustache
Embassy appointment was super easy. Since there were only two AWAA families, it didn’t take us long at all. They have a little play area for kids, and it was a great way to keep them occupied. The bathroom was AWESOME! Okay, it was just a “normal” American bathroom, but it was such a reminder of home. No broken tiles, sink worked properly, plenty of TP, super clean, paper towels. Just plain “aaaahhhhh….” I think I enjoyed that bathroom just a little TOO much!

We joined the other families at Blue Tops for lunch. (We didn’t eat there during out court trip. If we had, I don’t think I would have gone back. The food wasn’t good and neither was the service. Absolutely the worst restaurant we’ve eaten at in Addis.)

Saw Samuel at the post office market today. We hadn’t originally planned to go there, so I hadn’t packed the gum to take to him today. Bought a few more things. Told Samuel we’d be back on Monday or Tuesday to see him and bring some things for him.

Jumping rope!

The kids played outside while I hand washed jeans today.  My family wouldn't wear jeans if I always had to hand wash them.  It's incredibly hard!  So thankful for my washer and dryer!

15 pairs of jeans!

After dinner in the room, Matt & Kathy V. came back over to visit. TJ and Brielle put on a real show. It started with some singing and dancing then progressed to some kind of skits and drama. It went on for about an hour and a half. We laughed SO hard at them, and they totally enjoyed our attention. It was the night that all the court families went to the traditional restaurant, so the building was rather empty. It’s a good thing, because they were LOUD! We are so glad we got to share the fun with our friends!

Facebook posts from today:

Hand washed 15 pairs of blue jeans in the outside basins and hung them on the line to dry at our guest house... so much more thankful now for my washer and dryer at home! :) (And, yes, I did get photos as proof for those of you who may be "doubters"! LOL)

We were blessed with the most amazing "show" by our two new ones tonight. We heard songs, watched dances, and saw some skits. I have no idea what any of it meant, but it was VERY entertaining - WOW! It was wild AND wonderful! Glad our friends the VanCleaves were here to share it with us... :)

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