Saturday, December 25, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Shoe shopping for Brielle
Pottery shopping
Lunch at Makush
Transition homes

We walked to shops around the Guest House looking for some shoes for Brielle since she only had the ones we picked her up in. They were okay but bordered on being too small, and I knew she wouldn’t wear them after we got home.   We finally found some and bought them -VERY cute but a little big.  We also went to a small shop that had pottery pieces at some really great prices and bought a coffe pot and a couple more things.  I just hope they make it to the States intact.

We went to lunch at Makush again then to the Transition Homes for the afternoon. As we turned on the street to the Transition Home, TJ knew exactly where we were and started cheering! They just couldn’t wait to see their friends and the nannies. I am so glad they loved it there so much. It really says a lot about the quality of care and the atmosphere our agency has established there.

Our kids were SO loved and cared for at the Transition Home... We are incredibly grateful to all the wonderful people there!
We delivered care packages for 3 families and had so much fun playing with the kids. Since we’ve had ours with us for over a week and will have them leaving with us, we felt free to play and have fun with everyone else’s kids. Deke, Eli, Mattea and Wyatt enjoyed playing with all the kids, too. It was so much fun! The kids are amazing, and I so enjoyed watching all of mine love on the kids in the Transition Home. I am so glad they were able to have that experience. It was priceless and life-changing for them.
TJ being TJ
Brielle being Brielle
By the time we left, Deke was insisting that we adopt a wonderful sibling group of 3, but I just don’t know where in the world we would put 3 more kids in our house. They are all wonderful kids, and I am praying for their forever family to come soon. Jeremiah 29:11 says that God has a plan for them, and I believe He does. I hope I get to follow their story – I know it’s going to be a great one!

At the end of our visit, the kids sang Christmas carols for us. Those without an earthly father singing songs to their Heavenly Father… nothing better on this earth.

Facebook posts from today:

Another great day with the family... Shoe shopping for Brielle this morning, then lunch with the other adoption families who are here. Transition Homes this afternoon delivering care packages and loving on kids. TJ and Brielle were so excited when we started down the road to the TH. They just couldn't wait to see all their friends. It was so sweet! :)

Forgot to mention that the kids at the Transition Home sang Christmas carols for us! It was amazing... those with no earthly father singing songs about the One who came to give Himself so that we could have a relationship with our Heavenly Father - now, THIS is how Christmas should be celebrated!

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