Monday, December 27, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Church at IEC
Lunch at Island Breeze

Today was a very calm and restful day. We went to the International Evangelical Church again. Then lunch at Island Breeze. Then we rested for a while and played a little at the Guest House.

Job and Dawit discussing how the "fork trick" works
(Deke did the fork trick everywhere we went - we have LOTS of photos of forks, toothpicks, and salt shakers!)


Brielle and her "Mirinda".
Everywhere we went she ordered "Mirinda and sambusa"
 (Sunkist orange and samosas - a kind of deep fried pastry with beans and/or meat inside.)
Facebook posts from today:
I just love spending time in Ethiopia with other adoption families and America World staff! Getting to know all these wonderful people is a part of the adoption process that has been an unexpected blessing, and we are so thankful for the privilege of getting to know all of them. :)
TJ and Brielle danced for the Guest House staff and Job down in the lobby. The desk ladies would play songs for them so they could dance. They had everyone laughing and clapping - it was a hoot! They are so funny (and pretty good dancers, too!) LOL

TJ: "Mommy, please, my game. My game, please. Pleeeeaaase! Pleeeeaaaase! My game, Mommy!" (About his new iXL... such a Pierce kid!) LOL

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