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Monday, December 27, 2010

Post office market to finish shopping
Lunch at Metro Pizza
Coffee Factory

We went back to the market near the post office to finish our shopping. We saw Samuel again today and gave him the gum we brought for him. He is a 15-year-old “street kid” who basically lives on the streets near the post office. He makes money for his family by shining shoes, selling gum, and donations people give him. He is such a sweet kid, he is super smart, and has a great smile. He has such a great personality that he has made friends from all around the world who return to visit him every time they are in Addis. I pray God will send a great opportunity his way soon.

Samuel and the Pierce kids

One of the shop keepers that we bought several things from on both trips. 
Next time you're in Addis, go by and see her.  Her shop is on the corner.

After the market we went to Metro Pizza for lunch then to the Robera Coffee Factory to purchase coffee and take the tour. However, they had no small bags of coffee and there was no one there to give us the tour. We decided to just go back to the Guest House for the rest of the afternoon. 

We saw one of the funniest things of our entire trip on the way back: two policemen holding hands.  In Ethiopia men and guys often hold hands or put their arms around one another as they are walking just as a gesture of friendship.  It was strange to see at first, but we sort of got used to it after a while.  However, we were NOT expecting to see two policemen holding hands - that was just a little much for us!  When we got back to the Guest House, the kids played and I washed more clothes. (Eight people sure mess up a lot of clothes!)

In Addis most restaurants serve both Coke and Pepsi products,
and they are DELICIOUS!  Soooo much better than the stuff they sell in the states.
In Amharic

TJ, Brielle, and our wonderful friend Yonas!

More clothes...

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