Prayer Needs

What we're praying about:
(We'd love for you to join us!)

*The health and safety of our Ethiopian children

*That they would receive the emotional and physical care they need

*That they would feel God’s presence with them TODAY and that they would miraculously know the peace that only comes from Him

*That God would intervene in their lives and set into motion events even now that would eventually help lead them to salvation in Jesus Christ

*That they would “know” we are coming for them

*That they would have no on-going issues related to spending time in an orphanage or being adopted

*That God would help them deal with any grief or uncertainty they are experiencing

*That our adopted children would “attach” to us in a way that would be miraculous (that GOD would make us a family)

*That our first four would be safe and at peace while we travel

*That our family would become unified with no divisions

*That we would have a quick and easy transition into being a “family”

*That God would teach every member of our family immeasurably more about Himself and His love for us

*That we would be able to meet all their emotional and physical needs

*That we would be the spiritual examples Jesus Christ wants us to be

*That there would be no disappointment or “let-down” among our first four kids once family life begins to become “normal” again

*Our safety while we travel

*That every aspect of the adoption process would go smoothly

*That all paperwork would be handled properly and moved through the channels quickly

*That all who handle any of our paperwork along the way would be thorough, precise and competent

*That God would bless all who handle any of our paperwork and reveal Himself to them in a special way so that if they do not have a relationship with Him, they could come to a saving knowledge of Him

*That any Ethiopian family members who may still be out there would have a peace about the children being adopted by us

*That the Ethiopian government employees who handle our adoption process would give us favor

*That our adoption agency’s employees would feel God’s peace in their lives

*That God would provide every penny needed for our adoption

*That God would provide enough money for all four of our bio kids to go with us to pick up their new siblings  (go here)