Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Going shoeless for the shoeless AND shoes for the shoeless

All EIGHT of us are going without shoes today.

Puddly parking lot and fuh-REEEZ-ing floor in produce section of grocery store were no fun at all this morning. Neither were the odd glances. I just kept reminding myself that it's only one day, and tomorrow I'll choose a pair of shoes from my closet to put on my feet. In fact I'll probably wear at least 3 different pairs of shoes tomorrow for various things I'll be doing.

Honestly, I hate going barefoot. I don't even go barefoot at home. I always wear shoes. Always.

And how many times a day do I say, "Get your shoes off this floor and take them to your room!" It's not uncommon for a couple of the kids to have a pair in the kitchen, a pair in the living room, and maybe even a pair they left in the van. We have "church" shoes, soccer shoes, dance shoes, tennis shoes, sandals, and flip-flops left around the house at any given moment.

But millions of adults and kids have ZERO pairs of shoes and not only have no choice about which ones to wear today, but have no choice of even whether they will wear shoes or not.

And even though today's awareness event was created by TOMS shoes, we won't be buying any. (Sorry.) The idea is great, but instead of dropping $40 to get yet another unnecessary pair of shoes for someone in our family  and ONE pair for someone else, our family is using that $40 to ship a couple of boxes FULL of shoes to our friends in Springfield, MO who are collecting shoes and light-weight blankets for people in Ethiopia.

So, thanks TOMS for raising awareness. We're doing our part.to help...

34 pairs of shoes that we mailed today...

The girls worked hard filling the box.

TJ showed up when he heard me tell the girls to smile for a photo.

At the Post Office mailing the box of shoes.
(Boy, that parking lot was a killer!)

In the mall...

How all of our feet looked at the end of the day - nasty.  Just plain nasty. 

The Pierce family is THANKFUL for shoes...
and SOON we'll be sending more to those who really need them!