Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Picked up late luggage
Entoto Mountain
An interesting walk

Michael went to the airport to pick up our 5 donation bins that finally arrived. After breakfast we all got ready and went to Entoto Mountain. The kids loved seeing all the people and donkeys that carry things up and down the mountain. It’s amazing, really. We ate at Lucy restaurant with some of the other families and while we were there, our sweet friends the V family arrived. It was so good to see them again! We went back to the Guest House where the kids played outside again and played on their Fisher Price iXLs, which they absolutely LOVE!

A field of dirt and rocks where there are usually guys playing soccer

On the way to Entoto, there is a market that is open on Saturdays only.  They close down one half of the 4-lane road so people set up their "shops".

Market again

There are ALWAYS people and animals everywhere you look in Addis.  This is a shot out the windshield of the van on the way to Entoto.

Two of the amazing women who carry things up and down Entoto Mountain every day.  These two are carrying dung for fuel for fires.

Another... she is carrying eucalyptus

A donkey carrying hay

"Security system" on the top of many of the walls around houses


One of the rare traffic signs in Addis.  (Notice that the "STOP" sign actually appears to say "go" at the top... yeah, that's about right!) 

 After a while we went for a walk in the area around the Guest House, but we turned left out of the gate rather than right. We walked down some back streets without much on them. A man in a red car stopped to talk to us. He had two kids in the back seat of his car, and asked us about TJ and Brielle. He was very nice and seemed genuinely happy about them being adopted by us. Then we walked on some more. We made our way out to a main street and actually passed by the building where the Federal High Court is located. That is where we went to court to officially adopt them in November. I took a picture of a meat market, and then we met two older gentlemen. They were also happy about us adopting the kids. They asked where we were from in the USA, and we told them Alabama. One of them sang, “I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee!” It was hilarious!

Meat market

My little friend.  A boy who followed us and talked to us almost our entire walk today.  We gave him some birr.  (He came by the Guest House many more times during our stay, and we were able to give him some food, some treats, and a flashlight.)

We had NO time-outs today. Behavior was great.

TJ and Brielle played “ding-dong-ditch” on Wyatt. He had the other bedroom door closed and they would run up, knock, scream something, and run away laughing hysterically. It was SO funny!

Facebook post from today:
"Funny stuff: TJ & Brielle sing "Wheels on the Bus" in Amharic until the get to "all through the town". They compete to see who can sing the alphabet song the LOUDEST! They were ding-dong-ditching Wyatt - Wyatt had the door closed, they would run up and knock and say something they obviously thought was absolutely hilarious and then run away screaming and laughing. We've had a great day so far! :)"

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