Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Making travel plans…

As I posted back in April, I have been praying for our entire family to be able to travel to Ethiopia to pick up our sweet Tebarek and Biruk. God has answered that prayer with a “yes”. Thanks to the hard work of Nick Fraas at Raptim Travel, we will be able to get tickets for our entire family to travel to Ethiopia and to stay for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!

It has been such an incredible answer to prayer – more than I ever would have dreamed to ask for. Not only will our entire family get to go, we will get to stay for an extended period of time, AND spend Christmas in Ethiopia! Staying longer will work out to be a good bit less expensive than flying right around our embassy date which is tentatively December 22nd with visa pick-up on the 23rd, since Christmas-time flights are ridiculously expensive. According to this plan, we will leave on the 13th and return on the 30th of December, thus avoiding the Christmas rush. The “catch” is that we have to purchase our plane tickets before our paperwork has actually been submitted to the US Embassy for processing. So, we are praying that our embassy date will be confirmed to be on the 22nd. If not, it will not be until at least January 5th, and I will have to stay in Ethiopia with T & B while Michael travels home with the other 4 kids.

We believe everything will work out fine and feel God is answering our prayers to allow us all to travel to Ethiopia through this great deal on plane tickets, but as happens many times, the answer to our prayer requires more faith and more prayer! We have chosen to buy the tickets and pray for the 22nd embassy appointment rather than wait for confirmation of our embassy date and then pray for cheap flights. We leave Monday for Ethiopia, and we are so thankful to be able to take the entire family!

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