Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Embassy paperwork
Africa Park
Washing clothes

T came by the Guest House to help with pre-embassy paperwork in the morning, then we met everyone at Makush for lunch. (Makush is a restaurant which has beautiful Ethiopian art for sale.) I am starting to get tired of restaurant food and soft drinks.

Coloring in the morning
 After lunch, the V family went with us to the Africa Park. It’s a playground park in front of the Hilton. We had tried to go yesterday but it was closed for cleaning. It costs 10 birr for kids under 12 and 25 birr for kids 12 and up. And it costs 50 more birr to keep your camera with you to take photos! (If you don’t want to pay they take your camera from you and lock it up until you leave.)

We really needed some clothes washed, but some of our laundry I sent out the other day came back with spots that looked like bleach spots so I only sent some of it out and decided to wash the rest myself. There is a rule at the Guest House that you can’t wash clothes in your room, but I washed some anyway. It was a big mistake. I had a huge pile of soaking wet clothes and no way to get them dry before the cleaning staff would come in the morning. I hung up everything I could, laid some out on couches, chairs, etc. and just hoped they would be dry by morning. They weren’t. (It took days before they were all dry…)

One of the ladies at the Guest House washing some of our clothes
Our clothes...

The clothes I washed (and the reason the washing of clothes in rooms is forbidden!)
While I was washing clothes, the rest of the family was downstairs playing. The boys all stayed downstairs a long time talking to T and hearing all kinds of fun stories about growing up in Ethiopia (like skinning goats, etc.). Then Matt & Kathy V. came over to visit for a while. We love visiting with them!

Facebook post from today:
When do you know you're really someone's "Mommy"?  When they call you over so they can spit their gum in your hand(!) or when they proudly bring you their latest coloring creation...  Yep! I'm "Mommy" to two more! :)

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