Thursday, June 17, 2010

Orphan's Ticket Home

Last week at our church's VBS, the missions offering was for
We did Group's High Seas Expedition VBS, and the Kid-to-Kid project was to make blankets which will go to children in orphanages in Africa.  It's great when the missions offering can tie in to the theme, so we chose Orphan's Ticket Home.

Orphan's Ticket Home is an initiative of America World Adoption Association.  The VBS missions offering  will supply diapers, formulas, bottled water, blankets and bedding, medical expenses, and clothes for the babies and children at their Ethiopia Transitional Home. Inflation has hit Ethiopia and there is a $9.25 exchange rate, so it’s $9.00 just for a bottle of formula and $8.00 for 20 diapers!

Part of America World’s work in Ethiopia is to implement development projects for orphans and vulnerable children. One of those projects in rural Ethiopia is to help run a transitional home that receives abandoned children from neighboring orphanages to care for and prepare them for transition of adoption. Supporting this project will help these children have an opportunity to find permanent families in both Ethiopia and abroad. The money donated will provide basic needs such as daily nutrition, medical treatment, clothes, toys, and 24 hour a day nanny care.

The kids brought in over $360 for Orphan's Ticket Home! 

I must say that I am very proud of my kids for giving their own money. I love seeing them be generous and thinking of others first, especially when they are all trying to save up for something special.  It was a big deal for them to take some of that money out of their savings to give to others since they will have to work extra hard to replace it, but I know they will.  (They are all trying to save up to buy Nintendo DS's for the long Ethiopia trip - and nobody wants them to reach their goal more than I do!)

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