Saturday, May 15, 2010


That is the estimated cost of our adoption.

I'll spare you the details, but that's the amount we ("we" as in "Michael") have been able to estimate this adoption will end up costing, and the amount we're praying for God to miraculously provide.  Yes, I do realize it sounds like a crazy amount of money, but when I stop and think of what I would pay to rescue any one of my children from a life of poverty, hunger, disease and a future without hope, and bring them home for me to love, cherish, and adore forever (not to mention raising them up to know God's incredible love!)
doesn't even come close!  I would do anything I had to do and pay any amount necessary in order to bring them home where they belong.  And that's all we're doing now - bringing our children home.  So, when I think about it that way,
is a downright BARGAIN!
(And that's the cost for TWO - so it's a "double" bargain!)


Melinda said...

$39,995.50 if we do not take our first four with us on the "gotcha" trip (but we have been praying about it and feel that God has said He will provide, so $50,995.50 is the amount we are praying for!)

Susan said...

And really, what is 11,000.00 more dollars when we are talking to God? Seriously!