Thursday, May 13, 2010

Come see us!

Next weekend (May 22nd) our family is going to be at the Southeastern Home Educators Convention (SEHEC) in Mobile, AL. We're going to have an "Adoption" booth set up, so if you're anywhere near Mobile, stop on by and see us! The convention is FREE, and there will be stuff for the whole family. (We're supposed to be located near the "Used Curriculum Sale".)

At our table, we will be selling our T-shirts, wristbands, and some great big totebags for carrying all of your awesome convention goodies (or for taking to the beach or park or even the grocery store!)   We'll also have some inspiring adoption videos playing and have some wonderful information on adoption, plus ways to care for orphans around the world.

I'm also super-excited to announce that we will have some TERRIFIC GIVEAWAYS!  My friend Shasta over at "Faithfully Frugal and Free" has contacted a lot of awesome education companies who have made some very generous donations to us - totaling OVER $1,000 so far!  (She's amazing!  I don't know how she does all that she does, but I'm sure glad about it!) 

So, be sure to stop by our table to visit us, find out more about adoption, and register for some great prize packages! 

And be doubly sure to stop by and visit my friend Shasta at  "Faithfully Frugal and Free"!  She's always giving away some great things over there!  (Really, you need to go there NOW!)  I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH, SHASTA!


Debbie said...

I hope it goes well! I found your blog through Shasta--I'm one of the companies that she contacted for a donation( My youngest daughter was adopted from Guatemala 9 1/2 years ago. Wish I'd had a blog at the time to document the process!

Melinda said...

Debbie, Thanks so much for helping us out! I have been so amazed by everyone's generosity to us and at how many people I have come in contact with who have adopted, also.
Just last weekend, I was talking with the mom of my daughter's friend (who was also adopted from Guatemala about 9 1/2 years ago - she's 10 now) about our adoptions - similarities and differences. I really enjoyed it.
And, yes, I am so glad we have a blog. It would be a very different experience if there were not so many blogs. I'm glad to be able to document our journey and experience the journeys of others, as well.
Again, thanks so much for helping us out. I am so excited about the convention!

Debbie said...

I just looked at where the convention is--My oldest daughter lives on Grelot Rd.! She's a med. school student at USA. Small world!