Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bike riding!

Today was a beautiful day - January 29th and 70 degrees!  (Yes, it was wonderful, but when it's 90+ degrees and 80% humidity for 3 solid months this summer, you won't be so jealous!)
A friend down the street gave TJ a bike.  He was (almost) a natural.  Michael helped him for a while, and he was having a great time. 

Brielle didn’t have a bike yet  and was really disappointed.  She said, “Eli – cycle.  TJ – cycle.  Me – no cycle.”  So I HAD to go get her one. ..  I couldn’t let her go very long with “no cycle.”  It took her a little while to get the hang of pedaling, but by the end of the afternoon they were both doing great! 
(So you don't have to watch the entire videos, I've put a few of the highlight times beneath each one.)
Part 1 – TJ riding (sort of…)
0:35-0:50 - TJ falling with style
2:40-3:00 - TJ falls, blames Dad
3:25-4:05 - TJ runs into car AND house

Part 2 -
0:40-1:00 - TJ falls, blames Dad again (a scenario that was repeated many times today!)
1:45-1:59 - crashes into house AGAIN

Part 3 -
0:50-1:15 - Brielle on bike, TJ tries to hog camera time
5:20-end - Wyatt's crash (background)

Part 4 -
 1:11-1:13 - TJ helping Brielle ride bike
3:30-4:40 - Brielle getting better
5:55-6:40 - Brielle riding
7:10-7:50 - 2 new bike riders

When I got up this morning I never would have expected that we would have 8 bikes in the garage by the end of the day and two more riders, but, wow, what a great day!

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