Friday, October 1, 2010

We received the September update today!

I wanted to share a little of what our monthly updates are like.  We receive photos and info each calendar month we do not travel to Ethiopia.  Below is a bit of the information we received today from our agency.  Just thought some may want to know what type of info we get while we wait...

Our Beautiful Girl:

Weight: 14 kg (almost 31 lbs.)
Height: 96 cm (almost 38 inches)

She eats well; all kinds of foods
Her finger was hurt by a door in the TH; she got treatment, x-ray and medication and she is fine now

She is attending nursery level and she is excellent and active in all kinds of subjects she is getting
She can sing different spiritual songs and also good in painting different pictures

Personality/Other Comments:
She loves to play with dolls and make herself comfortable by singing different songs
She is a very happy girl who likes to smile

Our Handsome Boy:

Weight: 16.7 kg (almost 37 lbs.)
Height: 105 cm (almost 41.5 inches)

He has a good appetite and eats all kinds of foods
He is healthy

He is growing well
He has started to focus on lessons which he does not do before

Personality/Other Comments:
He is very much active in his duties
Enjoys to play with ball alone but not with other

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