Monday, July 19, 2010

UPDATE to "God answers prayer! (duh!)"

I was so happy last night at church when some special friends gave $200 toward our adoption to bring our total to $2,000!  (The exact answer to my prayer!) 

But, as always, God's ways are greater than my ways and His thoughts greater than my thoughts. He had been working in ways I had no idea about.  We found out today that there was $1,600 more given to the adoption fund at our church.  $3,600 dollars when my prayer was for $2,000! 

The prayer for $2,000 seemed like a big prayer.  For me it is big, but God not only answered, He showed me once again that my ideas are too small.  He has more planned for us than we could ever ask or even imagine.  How much do we miss out on because we allow ourselves to have such small expectations of what He is willing to and wants to do?  (How much have we already missed out on?)

I pray that I will not miss out on even one more thing that God has for me or for our family because I do not dare to dream God-sized dreams!

Thank You, God, for always blessing beyond our expectations.  We are continually humbled by Your grace and love.

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