Monday, July 19, 2010

God answers prayer! (duh!)

Since my "So, how's the adoption coming along?" post we have received $2,000!  (Thanks to ALL who have given!)
I was praying for $2000 a week - and that's exactly what we got.  (Maybe I should have prayed for $3,000 a week?  Just kidding!) God knows exactly what we will need and He knows exactly when we are going to need it.  And we are so thankful for generous friends who love God and love us! 


LedaP said...

Hope you continue to be blessed on your journey... we are also a fundraising family...Righ now we are selling "Blessed by the Miracle of Adoption" car vinyls. We're selling them to fund our adoption of a 9 year old girl with Thalassemia waiting in Guangzhou. You can check us out here...

One thing I would suggest doing if you haven't already is to set up an adoption facebook you can post there as well. Many people check fb every day but don't often get a chance to read the blog updates. Hope this helps!! Grabbing your button for my blog right now!!

Good luck!!

Melinda said...

Thanks for grabbing our button! I can't wait to visit your blog. We do have our blog on Networked Blogs on FB which updates when I update the blog, but we do not have a fan page. I have considered making one - but I wasn't sure if I should. I'm going to reconsider!