Saturday, March 6, 2010

Whew! Why am I so tired when I've just been "sitting" all day?

Today we worked on documents that are required solely for our "final application" for the agency that is handling our home study. (We decided to go with the first agency we met with, after all. These are not required for our dossier or for our adoption agency, just for the agency doing the home study.) 

Overall, Michael is taking care of the general organization, the budget, and the information and document gathering portion of the adoption process, and I am taking care of the fundraising and "writing" side of things, along with the blog. 

Here is what was completed and "checked off" today! 

1) A one-page "Statement of Motivation" about why we want to adopt a child, about how we arrived at this decision, and about how our family and friends feel about our decision and how we handle it. 

2) A one-page report on "Our Children" describing the children we would like to adopt, including nationality, gender and age range, and why we prefer those characteristics.

3) We EACH had to write an autobiography of at least 4 pages including answers to 2 full pages of questions about:
*our family dynamics as a child
*quality of our family relationships
*our childhood hobbies, interests, and problems
*our dating habits
*our courtship and marriage
*our current children
*people and events that influenced our lives
*medical history
*employment history
*religion and its influence in our lives
*decision to adopt
(Michael's ended up being 6 pages and mine was 7 pages.)

I have been sitting at the dining room table literally ALL day, but at least they are done!

My next writing assignment will be the application letter that is for the dossier and goes to the Ministry of Women and Children in Ethiopia and the non-employment letter explaining why I don't work outside the home.

Also, next week we will be completing our on-line adoption course that is required.  We have done a lot of work over the last few weeks, and the list is getting smaller!  ~YAY~! 

Update: Today we received our official copies of our marriage license from the state of MS.  We just mailed the request on Monday of this week.  That was surprisingly fast!  :)  Amazing what makes us smile these days...

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