Saturday, January 2, 2010

How We Got Here - Part 1

Our journey actually began years ago when we were first married with a “maybe someday” attitude about adoption. That’s all it was. Over the years we had our 4 biological kids, and adoption wasn’t really considered during that time at all. We were busy. Busy doing all the “stuff” that comes with babies and little ones.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago. I (Melinda) began to feel that adoption was something we were supposed to do. Wherever I looked, whatever I read, all kinds of things kept bringing it up. Adoption was everywhere. I started to seriously considerer it as an option of something that actually “could” be done.

The kids all thought it was a great idea – especially Mattea, who has always been outnumbered by the boys. (She had a sister in mind, of course!) Michael was a different story, however. He always wants all the facts and all the details to be lined up before he agrees to anything. I brought it up a few times and didn’t get a warm response to it. But I didn’t push it. I just prayed. I quietly researched all I could about adoption and prayed the prayer that I have prayed during other times when we didn’t see eye to eye on things: “Dear God, please change his heart or change mine.” Then one night, he unexpectedly brought up the subject! Yeah! We were still a long way from action, but it now was a subject that we talked about occasionally. That’s when I believe it became more than just a “maybe” that we would adopt – it was only a matter of “when”.

Over the next few months we talked about it more and more. Still, there were so many unknowns. We prayed that God would work it all out, but things sure didn’t seem to be moving forward. There are so many unknowns with adoption, but money seemed to be the hurdle that we couldn’t move past. But God is powerful and always knows how to remind us of that…

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