Monday, November 15, 2010

Together for Christmas?

(This is what our puzzles look like!)

Now that B & T are officially ours, we are planning for our trip back to pick them up.  We have word from our agency that our likely embassy appointment date is December 22nd.  We have all along wanted to take the first four with us when we travel to get them so we can all come home as a family.  (See our April 1st post about this here.)  But now it is more urgent for us to raise the funds for this.  We have only a couple of weeks before we HAVE to purchase plane tickets and make all final reservations.

If we don't have the funds to take everyone with us, our family will be separated for Christmas.  Michael and I will be in Ethiopia with B & T, and the other four kids will be in the states with other family members.  Our embassy appointment on the 22nd would mean that we would have to return to the embassy on the 24th to pick up their visas and would not be able to be home for Christmas Day as a family. 

Taking the enitre family on this second trip is something we have been praying about and feeling we should plan for for a long time - with no way of knowing it could possibly end up being around Christmas time. We are using our Puzzle Piece fundraiser (more info here) to raise the money for this trip.  We need to sell every last piece in order to afford to take everyone and be together for Christmas.

Please help us keep our family together for Christmas by donating. 
Thank you!
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