Saturday, August 21, 2010

What's been going on...

Well, we are still waiting for our court date to be assigned.  That will not happen until October, so there's really not much to tell on the "progress" side of the adoption. But we haven't been just sittin' around, that's for sure! 

Last week, the first four went to the grandparents' for several days while my brother came to help us get everyone's rooms ready to fit two more kiddos in them.  We repainted all the rooms and built loft beds for everyone.  (There are still a few details to complete, and I'll post some pics when they are completely done - hopefully next week!)  No kids knew what their rooms were going to look like.  I did all the planning, etc. without telling the kids anything except that they would be getting "loft beds".  And I think they were all very happy with the results!  We absolutely could not have done it without my brother coming and working 16-18 hours a day with us for 4 days straight.  He built all six beds and helped with lots of other misc. jobs, and all he got paid was some 5 Guys, Foosackly's, McDonald's, Chick-fil-A, Steak & Shake, a really yummy sandwich from the Winn Dixie deli, and some tater tot casserole! (THANKS, Eric!)

Another fun thing that has happened since my last post is that we were able to send care packages to our little ones.  They were delivered by the T family from NM who also took pictures and some awesome video for us of the kids opening their gifts.  It was so great to see them "in action"!  So cute and sweet - and so lively and fun!  I can't wait until we can go to our court date and be able to deliver care packages for someone else! 

We are still praying about the $$, but we are trusting that God is going to take care of it all somehow. 

Besides that, we are now back to home school, and fall activities are almost in full swing.  Soccer 3 nights a week plus 2 games on Saturdays, diving, piano, co-op, dance, robotics, plus regular church activities and Bible studies, etc.  And hopefully in October we'll add a trip to Ethiopia in there somewhere!

So... that's pretty much our update on what we've been up to.... (in case anyone wanted to know why I haven't posted lately!  LOL)   

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