Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Home Study" underway...

We had our first home study interview on Friday.  We have the others scheduled for next week.  The kids will be interviewed one day, and we parents will be interviewed another day.  The social worker will also look around our house to see if we have adequate space and if our home is "safe for children". (Gee, I sure hope it is, since we already have four living here!  But sometimes I do wonder if it's "safe for parents"!) 
And on top of school, all the other "regular" stuff and the home study interviews next week, we have soccer practice x2, piano, dance, 3 kids getting dental work done, a piano recital, soccer games x2, plus the Chick-fil-A night fundraiser.  B-u-s-y week ahead ... that just means that things are moving forward!   Yippee!

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settlemoir said...

Melinda, we just finished that part. I hope your social worker is as helpful and kind as ours was! She made it so easy for us!

God bless,