Friday, February 26, 2010

The Home Study … oh, boy. – pt. 2

Okay, we’re learning a lot!

As we have been going through all the stacks of papers that are in our “inbox” waiting on us to read, fill out, copy, and mail in order to get our home study underway, we have noticed how the fees keep multiplying. Every in-state agency we checked into about doing our home study requires an additional application approval and, of course, additional application fees!
To be honest, that just did not sit well with us. We have already applied and been approved by our adoption agency and we’ve already paid application fees to them. And having to be approved by an agency who we just want to use to complete our home study seemed an unnecessary expenditure of money and time. We checked with a few in-state agencies and, apparently, it is standard procedure. We also noticed that those agencies all have several requirements that are not necessarily required by our adoption agency.
Since we’d rather not spend that extra money we don’t have to and would rather not spend extra hours filling out unnecessary papers, we called our agency this morning to ask some questions. (I must compliment them – they are the best.) I spoke with a social worker who very patiently answered all my questions and quieted my concerns. Then we spoke with one of the in-state agencies, and they explained some of the extra fees, legalities, etc. Bottom line is that we just have to do it...
We know God is leading us in this, and we’ll do whatever it takes to bring our children home. Besides, it’s not our money we’re spending – it’s HIS! And it’s not our time we’re using – it’s HIS! So we do what we have to do with JOY in our hearts waiting on the promise of blessings to come!

* * * * * * * *

Also, before dinner tonight we went across the street to our neighbors’ to have him witness our signatures on a form. Thanks, T!!

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